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Steve Alvest


Things I want to do better in 2023

I know these are not specific goals, but it's good to know the direction you want to go towards.


    1. Write more consistently

    An hour each morning before I start dayjob work sounds fair

    2. Explore more with my family

    Travel doesn't have to be only faraway destinations. I want to get in the habit of exploring locally as well.

    3. Exercise more consistently

    Things get busy at work and exercise gets kicked to the side. I should make at least 10 minutes of intense exercise a non-negotiable daily activity.

    4. Work more consistently

    The nature of my dayjob makes me prone to procrastination through perfectionism. I should set personal deadlines and stick to them.

    5. Read more

    My reading time is mostly the time I'm on the elliptical machine at the gym. For me, consistently going to the gym is the key to reading more in 2023.

    6. Make more time for side projects

    So many side projects, so little time. But I should make time, because ultimately when I die, I want to be known for the work I did in my side projectsand not my dayjob work.

    7. Spend more dedicated time with my wife

    After all, when I get old and the kids fly out of the nest, I'll be spending most of my time with my wife. Better to nurture a good relationship now than try to salvage one in the future.

    8. Spend less money

    I live in a high cost of living area and reducing expenses is very important to my being able to ever retire

    9. Invest better

    I think the best course is to slow down and think longer term.

    10. Play more

    I want to slow down and take time off to play more sports, video games, and board games with the family. Life should not be so serious all the time.

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