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Things I want to do in Paris

We're discussing a France holiday. Before I travel I like to have a small plan of oddities id like to see.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.

    1. Disneyland Paris

    I love theme parks so, passing up on the most famous one in Europe would be madness. There's 2 parks so that's 2 days already planned.

    2. Eiffel Tower

    I can't pass up the most famous structure in France. Arch de triumph is close by so I'll be sure to check that out too.

    3. The louvre

    I love art. It's always been a dream to see the Mona Lisa. I think this , along with the tower would be a days worth of activities.

    4. The Pâtisserie Stohrer

    I don't know what one, but I love French bread. Having fresh bread from a French bakery sounds delicious.If you have any recommendations I'd appreciate it.

    I found the oldest bakery in Paris, The Pâtisserie Stohrer. If its been around that long it must be good. I think we'll eat there.

    5. Dans de noir/Les Deux Magots

    A restaurant in the dark. Sounds like a fun experience. More money than I would usually spend, but I'm on holiday, think I'll treat myself.

    6. Night life

    I'm not sure what Paris has to offer, but I'm looking look forward to finding out. Drinks, dancing and listening to music.

    7. Walk

    I love walking and exploring new places pl and. I this should probably be done on my first day. I can jot down nice looking spots, research them and check them out at a later date.

    8. 5 statues of liberty

    There's multiple statues of liberty. finding all of them would make for a fun day out. It may result in finding interesting things along the way.

    9. Wine tasting

    I'm not really a wine person, but sounds like a fun event.

    10. Atelier des Lumières

    A digital art project. I went to a similar one in Japan and loved it. Art projected on to the walls. Really unique experience

    11. Space invadera

    There's space invaders art throughout the city. It would be cool if I could spot a few of them.

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