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Things I want to watch this weekend or soon

Gotta mow the lawn soon, but maybe catch one or two of these this weekend.

    1. Chris Rock special Netflix

    Used to love watching his stand up and hear he addressed some of the Will Smith stuff.

    2. All Quiet on the Western Front

    My spouse loves war movies. I usually put these sort of films on the back-burner bc they can take a lot of emotion out of you. But, I think they are great reminders of the sacrifice people in previous generations made for our current freedoms.

    3. Glass Onion: Knives Out

    Enjoyed the first one.

    4. Peaky Blinders final season

    I tried to start it, just couldn't get back into it.

    5. The Whale

    I like the director and used to love Brendan Frasier. Love when a former acting star comes back later in life.

    6. Sons of Anarchy

    Anyone seen it?

    7. Creed 3

    Not sure about this one. Used to love the Rocky movies. Don't think I saw Creed 2, but enjoyed the first one.

    8. Formula 1 documentary

    Hear this is cool.

    9. Fletch

    I just watched, Confess Fletch and it was fun. Need to rewatch this classic.

    10. Bill Maher/Curb

    Gotta catch up here.

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