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Things I will enjoy being off the grid for three days

We're heading to a cabin. We'll be off the grid, maybe even have no cell phone signal.


Historic cabin like we will stay in

    1. Quiet

    Not complete quiet, of course, but mostly devoid of the noise of modern existence.

    2. Just hearing the sounds of wind and nature

    I anticipate the rustling of wind in the trees, maybe a creek close by.

    3. Time to focus on my wife

    The demands of day to day life constantly interrupt us and conversation becomes purely utilitarian. I'm looking forward to having a real conversation.

    4. Relief from usual demands

    Our daughter's nurses and our son have pitched in to make sure the usual stuff that I have to do gets covered. Friends are picking up some community and Toastmasters duties. I can truly let go a bit.

    5. Uncluttered space

    I work two jobs plus take care of all the housework and pitch in on caring for our disabled daughter. Objectively, our house is a cluttered mess. I have neither the time nor the energy to do what needs doing. It will still be here when we return, of course, but for at least a few days I can live in the sort of minimalist simplicity that I yearn for all the time.

    6. Completely unscheduled

    Get up when we want, take a nap when we want, eat when we want. Open time as well as open space.

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