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Things I Will Miss About Mississauga

I just spent my last night in the house we've owned for the last 3 years. Our residency in British Columbia is now more serious and long-term, and I find myself in a form of grief.

    1. Restaurants

    Mississauga is larger than Abbotsford, and has more cultural diversity. I think I had better selection of cuisines in Mississauga.

    2. Park Networks

    Abbotsford has a pretty good system of parks and trails, but I haven't been well connected to it yet or built up the familiarity I had in Mississauga. My Ode To The Suburbs is based largely on my experiences as a home owner in Mississauga (and a little from growing up in Scarborough).

    3. Community Centres/Recreation Centres/Libraries

    As mentioned, it's a bigger city and has more of this infrastructure.

    4. Swimming Pool

    We had a pool in our Mississauga home. Frankly, it could be a huge pain in the butt and a huge expense, but I did like to swim whenever I felt like it (assuming it was during the open season).

    5. Proximity to Toronto

    Vancouver is a nice city, but it's not "the Big Smoke". Access to Canada's biggest, baddest city was always a plus.

    6. Proximity to Toronto International Airport

    In BC, some locations (e.g. California, Las Vegas, Hawaii or even Asia) are now easier to fly to, but Toronto's Airport (located actually in Mississauga) is the best connected airport in Canada.

    7. Family

    My mother and my in-laws are all within a fairly short drive of Mississauga.

    8. Temperate Weather

    The rainy season is tough in B.C. and I'm learning to deal with forest fire smoke. The worst thing I could say about the weather in Mississauga is that I don't particularly appreciate shovelling the driveway so much in winter.

    9. Bigger Backyard

    I think we're giving up some space in terms of lot size, though I'm not exactly sure.

    10. History

    While we only owned this house for 3 years (nearly half of which we have been transplanted), we've been residents of this city for 13 years. If we count being connected to the Greater Toronto Area - it's part of our home base of operations for our entire lives.

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