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Things I'd like to do

If I could just pause time, do all this and then restart I'd be off to a great start.

    1. Take notes on all my books

    I like to underline important things when reading.  I wanted to then rewrite all those important points in my own words and share those with others.  It wouldn't be hard to do, yet I always find trouble starting.

    2. Build Muscle

    I've tried multiple times, but nothing seems to work.  I think I just need to eat a lot more.  I'm not a big eater so guess this is as strong as I'm going to get.

    3. Update my website

    I want it to become the go-to place for advice on how to improve your life.  I want the clothing to serve as a reminder to this advice.

    4. Buy the perfect Christmas gifts

    I'm not great with gifts.  I spend age's looking for something perfect just to settle on good enough.  It's frustrating to do so much work and get nowhere with it.  Maybe I should just settle on the first good enough gift and save myself the hassle that usually follows.

    5. Comedy

    Perform on the streets like a busker.  Moreso to boost my confidence/stand up skills that to make money.

    6. Advice videos

    Another thing I've been wanting to do for ages, that would be really easy to do, yet I can never work up the energy to do it.

    7. Become the perfect boyfriend

    Become so great that lassies are the ones chasing me.  Trying hard and getting nowhere is exhausting, if I can try hard to get to the point I no longer need to try I'd be a much happier man.
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