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Thing's I'll miss when I'm older

You never really appreciate what you've got until you no longer have it.  Hopefully this exercise can help me appreciate things now.

    1. Family/friends

    I got lucky with my family we all get on well and look out and help each other.  The same goes for my friend's.  Always fun hanging out with them.

    As time goes on I'll see them all less and less until one day I'll no longer have the chance to.  I should make the most of the time we have together.

    2. Peace

    At the moment life is pretty peaceful.  I'm wise enough to know that it's not going to last so I should enjoy it whilst I can.

    3. My health

    I'm fit enough to do almost anything I put my mind too.  If I don't take care of myself that ability will fade.  Maybe I should push myself to do more whilst my body is still capable of doing it.

    4. My brain

    I hope I never get dementia or any other dresses that affects my brain.  That's probably what I'm most proud of.  I'll do what I can to continue to keep it as young and healthy as possible.

    5. Scenery

    Everything changes. Bi don't know when this city will change, but it's already changed a fair bit from when I was younger.  It might change for the better, but I'll still lose what I can see now.

    6. Internet

    As much as the internet has improved it's also lost a lot.  I talked for hours with people in the MSN days, yet now it's easier and ever and noone really talks as much.  Is that due to the evolution of the internet or just the fact that I'm getting older?  It seems the only time people interact is when they see something they disagree with.

    I miss men, MySpace ,bebo your profile back then was unique.  Now it's generic everywhere you go.  You're the same as everyone else, boring.  I also miss flash games and early YouTube.  Thing's are too polished now I miss the roughness of the old days when anyone could become famous.

    I miss being able to talk about anything.  Nowadays you're censored or suppressed from saying anything that goes against the narrative and that makes for a very boring internet.  I use to enjoy Reddit, but it's all the same NPC saying the same thing now, it's annoying.

    I fear people will just go further into their own bubbles.  All you will be able to interact with is others in your bubble that will be limited on what they can say/do.  Maybe I'm wrong, I hope so.  I hope we get to a point where we can all laugh together regardless of politics/beliefs.

    7. Notepd

    I love Notepd.  I'd consider anyone using it now as a Notepd pioneer.  I hope it doesn't go down the same path as social media did.  In trying to appease everyone noone is really that satisfied.

    Even if Notepd continues to grow into something far greater than we can imagine we'll lose this close nit group we have now.  So yeah I appreciate all on here thanks for making this one of my favourite websites.

    8. Phone screen

    They always smash.  I'm going to appreciate this flawless screen for as long as I have it.  Beautiful.
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