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Things I'm Doing / Things About Me Now Which The 18 Year Old Me Would Have Laughed At Or Not Believed

Or... boy, how things have changed over the years?

    1. Married / Family

    Couldn't get a date with a fist full of $20s back in the day.

    2. Glasses

    Have had them for a few years for astigmatism, and now for small print.

    3. Supplements

    Thought Mom was a bit wacky about her supplements. Now, I'm "worse."

    4. Traveling

    While I avoid travel now like the plague, from when I was 22 to about 34, I did a lot of traveling around the US for work.

    5. Diminished Interest In Sports

    Used to be fanatical about baseball and football, and generally aware of hockey and basketball. Nowadays, while I watch the NY Jets (at least until Joe Namath passes or they win the Super Bowl again), I can take or leave all of it.

    6. Cats

    Never thought I'd have a cat. Due to marriage, I've become almost as much a cat person as a dog person. And, we've had six cats over the years. Not counting the ones we've rescued (from behind our shed) and placed.

    7. Body Changes

    The gut. The chronic (minor at this point) aches and pains and how they've slowed me down. And the hair loss... especially the hair loss (LOL!).

    8. Computer / PC Stuff

    Took BASIC in high school and had no interest in the more advanced languages. While I'm no programmer or anywhere near it, the extent to which I've learned and used computers would shock and amaze the young me.

    9. Diet

    While I have a few "go to's" that haven't changed much (pizza, burgers), my regular diet doesn't include a lot of the junk I ate back in the day.

    10. GI Joes

    Gave them up when I became a teen - sold or tossed. Then as a 30-something, spent way too much money on "bringing them back" and then some...

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