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Things I'm doing this weekend

I have a long weekend starting tomorrow. I like to plan as I get more done of the things I want to do that way.

    1. Ear piercing

    I've been pondering this for a while. I already have: double lobe piercings (both ears), helix (both ears), rook (left), daith (right). Since 2018, I've been averaging one new piercing every 2 years. All being well, this next one will be an auricle. Right ear, I'm thinking.

    2. Catch up with a friend

    We're going to have a Google Meet call and catch up on the latest news. I think she wants some advice on a website/domain name etc too.

    3. Celebrate Chris' birthday

    I've bought him some woodturning stuff that he wanted, a Viking t-shirt, and some Mead.

    4. Pottery

    A friend has bought Chris a pottery session with one of the ceramicists who exhibits in the same gallery as Chris. So, we're there for half a day. She's based on a farm so I'm hoping to see animals!

    5. A night away

    We're going to one of our favourite places. We've been quite a few times before. We get spoiled and well looked after. The food is fab. The place is like a little sanctuary. We don't do a lot. We chill and relax.

    6. Chatsworth

    We're going to Chatsworth House to see their Christmas display. It's always spectacular. While Chris can't see it, he usually gets to feel some of it. We love going. This year the theme is Nordic.

    7. Finish writing Christmas cards

    I've written most of them and have the bulk ready to post. I just have a few more to do - ones I want to include a note with.

    8. Plan

    When I have some quiet time, I like to sit and go through my lists and plans, do a review, get clear on what's coming up and needs action. It might sound a bit sad to do this on my days off but I love to plan and be organised. It makes my life work better. Plus, it involves stationery!

    9. Walk

    My steps have not been great recently and I want to get them up again. I'm walking Lands End to John O'Groats to keep me going and give me an end goal.

    10. Take some photos

    I've not taken any photos for ages. I've just not had the time. It's meant I've had nothing to share online and not as much to write about on Substack. I should have opportunities for photography this weekend. I'm also on Mastodon now and really liking it. I want to share photos there too.

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