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Things I'm excited about

It's been a rough few weeks but I like this idea. Sooo. Here it goes

    1. The New Harry Potter Game

    My boyfriend got the new Harry Potter Game. Yay! I didn't even know I wanted this game. I can't wait to play it with him. It's open world so it's like GTA but in a magical world.

    2. My New Tarot Class with Christene and Natalie

    I love Tarot. My friend Natalie paid for it for me. My heart just exploded with appreciation. I can't wait to take this class every Tuesday. This teaching gig is starting to wear on me. Maybe I should just be a Tarot Card Reader. Based on podcasts on the James Altucher Show I am sure most people don't believe in it. As long as I am not drinking. It is spot on for me. Let me know if you want a spot.

    3. Mid Winter Break!

    I love special education children but I became a teacher to teach in a classroom with kids who might not sit still but aren't screaming when I am trying to talk. Oakland County is integrating special education into our regular classrooms without a special education teacher. I understand the importance for the special education student. I understand the importance of "regular" kids being socialized with special education students. However.. I AM NOT TRAINED TO TEACH SPECIAL EDUCATION. I am not trained in behavior management of a child with special needs. I haven't taught anything in 2 weeks and I am struggling.

    4. Watching all the Shows

    I am dog sitting for the next week. They stream all the stuff I don't. I can't wait. I can catch up on stuff.

    5. Mexican tonight with my guy

    I am excited. I just like seeing him. He calms me down.

    6. Spring Time

    I saw a weather guy say that we aren't expecting more snow storms. That he thinks Spring is on the way! Yay!

    7. No Roommates for a week

    It's nice to just be alone

    8. Applying to new jobs

    I just wrote a cover letter. I am going to update my resume and send it out.

    9. Anti Anxiety Medication

    I am not sleeping or eating well right now. My mind is racing over school. I developed OCD maybe 6 years ago. I have gotten better but I've just cut the time down it takes to leave the house from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. I check things for 15 minutes. Then I have to say a little prayer to Saint Helena because the lady who use to live in the house was Helen. I pray to some lady I never met that she protect the house. I've been asking my dad for help recently too.

    10. 1 hour and 20 minutes left of this week

    Did you know that because you can't restrain or contain a child who is fighting.. you as the teacher have to get between the two children. So you are attacked. Did you know that? Is that really how we feel about teachers? I know these kids are 4/5 years old but I am not sure if you've been punched by a solid 5 year old. It hurts.

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