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Thing's I'm going to start doing

What actions will help get me closer to where I want to be?

Thing's I'm going to start doing

    1. List of accomplishments

    Every day I'll write a list of what I accomplished.  I find it's too easy to talk and plan without accomplishing anything.  Hopefully this helps me to continually move forward.

    Expect the first list later today. 

    2. Simplify my speech

    I'm already doing this.  Deleting words/sentences that don't add to the message.  This process has cleared my mind.  If not made an active attempt to do it in a while.  It's time to refocus on being more precise with my words.

    3. New design every week

    The template is the hardest part.  Once that's clean it's easy to substitute parts to create new designs.  Once a week is a simple goal that will allow me to slowly increase my potential earnings.

    4. Play mental games

    I started playing tower defense again on my phone after years and I've noticed that my joke writing brain also returned.  Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I'll keep it up I enjoy tackling mental problems.

    5. Chatgpt

    Learn more about what it can do.  Get it to write descriptions for my video's.  Have it write out rough ideas for new designs.  Have it write Business/marketing plan's ect.

    6. Write

    I can focus deeply on one topic.  My problem is I get bored and jump between topics from week to week.  I write daily lists though,so I'll expand that to writing more of my book every day as well.

    7. Don't push myself to hard

    I've pushed myself to burnout a lot in the past.  I need to remember not to overdo it.  And on that note I'll end my list here.

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