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Things I'm Not Good At

Some of those things I've tried, and just don't do well. Pretty much jealous of those who can.

Not being negative. Just acknowledging my limits.

I do have things I'm good at... that list for another day.

Things I'm Not Good At

    1. Carpentry

    Would like to build things, but just not good with the whole measuring, cutting, getting things to match.

    2. Model Building

    Tried making model airplanes when I was a kid. No patience for waiting for the glue to dry, taking time painting or applying decals.

    3. Yard Work

    Don't mind cutting the lawn, but always find a way to screw up other things - edging, tree trimming, etc.

    4. Handwriting

    Whole life I've sucked at writing. Lefty, and the mind works way too fast for my writing to keep up. Thank goodness for typing and word processing!

    5. Running

    Slow by body type and flat feet. And heavy-set. Not a good combination to be a runner.

    6. Speaking Up

    Like my Dad, I tend to hold things in. I also try to be patient and understanding with people who probably need a bit of a kick in the arse.

    Some people see screaming and yelling to vent anger as healthy; I'm wired to see it, for me, as a failure of character.

    7. Non-Sports Related Exercise

    Despite it being good for me, and feeling the direct benefit of doing it, I just don't do well with plain old exercise. If I get into a habit/streak I do OK, but if I stop, getting started is real difficult.

    And, other than officiating, there isn't much sports related exercise for older folks in my area.

    8. Deferring Tasks

    Compulsive "get it done" - better the last few years, but at work, I had to create a system to push back the things which didn't need done ASAP to give myself less anxiety and more space to do a better job at what I was working on.

    9. Politicking

    I make friends, I'm a good colleague, but I don't do well playing political games in organizations. Goes against my nature to be a suck-up, which has cost me jobs and promotions over the years. I'm good with it.

    10. Finishing

    Mostly applies to self-directed learning. If I get bored half way in, or distracted away from something that isn't making me stay up late, I don't finish and move onto the next thing. May come back later (a written piece I've been doing for about twenty years and actually finishing this summer), but more often than not I don't.

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