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Things I'm Surprise I Like

    1. Gummi-Bear Vitamins

    I just got some Vitamin D and Coq-10 gummy bears. They are really good but I wonder if the vitamins get into the body this way.

    But in any case, It feels weird walking around say, "I just 10 Coq-10 Gummy Bears!" Because of course I have to walk around saying that. I don't even know what Coq-10 is but I think it's an anti-aging thing.

    2. Having a pet bird

    I don't really like pets too much. But LuLu is fun. Except for the time she escaped into the trees for 36 hours.

    3. Flying a plane

    I took a flying lesson the other day. I thought I would very scared at liftoff and landing. I almost backed out at the last moment. But it was a lot of fun and I plan on doing it more.

    4. The Jordan Peele horror movie, "Get Out"

    I don't like horror movies AT ALL. Not because they are scary but because they are boring. But Jordan Peele brings all of his comedic insight into making horror movies.

    5. The TV show "1883"

    If you were to tell me I was going to like a show taking place in 1883 about a group of people in 1883 trying to get from Texas to Oregon I would've said, "Interesting..." but in my head I would be thinking you must be insane. And yet 1883 is one of the best shows ever.

    6. Suburbs

    I always thought I would live in the city. In particular, NYC. But suburbs are great. Quiet, isolation, bigger places, wide roads, no wierd smells or crimes or fears that pop up. Great air conditioning. Other people from cities who moved out of them.

    7. Having five kids

    What!? I had relationships end when I was younger because I didn't want ANY kids. And now I have two of my own and three step-kids since marrying Robyn.

    Which means the following things are always happening: Comedy, Tragedy, Drama, and Horrow (there are four girls and one boy).

    People tell us, "You guys are like the Brady Bunch!" for which I have a response that was part of my standup act but is inappropriate to say here. Suffice to say, most people do not get the joke.

    8. A hot jacuzzi

    Hey, sit in a boiling hot tub for an hour and do nothing!" What, is that some sort of torture method for a sadistic dictator. Even frogs jump out of boiling water but we just sit there.

    And yeah, I thought I would hate it but I love it.

    9. Travel

    Ever since I was a kid I would always think I was going to hate traveling. I don't even like leaving the house, let alone flying for 15 hours someplace, staying for a few days and then leaving.

    But I've been all over the world and in a few days going to Israel for 2 weeks.

    10. Podcasting

    I like to write and read and play chess all day. Those are the things I've always liked doing since about 1990.

    And then suddenly I have a podcast. Now many days are spent mostly talking. Not for me!

    And yet, 1200 episodes later, for me!

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