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Things I've been thinking about/listening to/reading

Things I've been thinking about/listening to/reading

    1. Blue Check Mark Twitter

    Will you actually pay money for this monthly? I don't post really at all on Twitter, so I will not be paying and could care less about a check mark.

    2. Bill Maher's podcast

    Club Random. I've really enjoyed the guests he's had on. Lately, Stephen A. Smith and Kid Rock. Bill doesn't talk about politics much on his show and brings on a wide range of people.

    3. Likely Moving next year

    And I will consider moving someplace that is colder than I've ever lived. Try it for one year and see...Moving is a pain in the ass, but also liberating. I am excited to get rid of a bunch of crap I don't need/care about that has accumulated over the years.

    4. Aging parents

    I am now at the age where I worry about my parents as I worry about my kids. It is funny how life comes full circle on a lot of things.

    5. New career

    Been applying to jobs. Have a few interviews starting soon.

    6. Health

    Been more active lately.

    7. Bidenflation

    I don't actually blame Sleepy Joe. I just laugh at the name. It's absurd how expensive food has become. A chipotle burrito is like 12 bucks now. If you get chips and a drink you pay 20 bucks for something just ok and that used to cost half that just a few years ago. We have been eating at home a lot more.

    8. Cooking

    We just got an air fryer. It's great. Enjoying cooking at home.

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