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Thing's I've enjoyed this year

Brains been replaying some of the bad events, time to remind myself that a lot of good has also happened.

    1. Spain

    I went to Spain in march with a few friends.  Really enjoyed it.  Loved being out in the sun, chilling by the pool and hanging out with friends.

    2. Friend survived

    The year started finding out my friend tried to kill himself.  He's survived and it's been good catching up with him again throughout the year.

    3. Opened my store

    I opened my own online store this year.  And it looks amazing 😍. Selling has been slow, but I'm still really happy with the progress. I'll stick with it I have faith that it will kick off and everyone will be wearing some form of The Rocco Effect clothing, because it's clothing designed not only to look amazing, but also improved your life for the better.

    4. Weddings

    It's been nice to see my dad's side of the family.  Really enjoyed hanging out with them as well as the holiday itself. 

    5. Walk away

    The worse event of this year has led to me walking away from some people and I'm a lot happier as a result.  It's nice to be nice, but if they're draining all your energy and stressing you out, walk away.  You'll be a lot happier as a result.

    6. No alcohol

    I was off it for over a month and felt great.  I've started back, but I'll limit it when I do drink.  Might go off it again for sober October.

    I'm just happy that I have the ability to stay off it for so long.  It makes me believe that I can do other hard things if I put my mind too it.

    7. China

    I have a job lined up and it looks like I'm finally making progress with the paperwork.  I can't wait to return.

    8. 1 year of lists

    My lists have been nowhere near the quality that they used to be at.  I'm trying,  sure I'll get back there soon enough.  Even so I managed to write one everyday for a year despite everything that's happened.  Really proud of that.  

    Even when day's are tough If you focus you can still be creative and produce work.

    9. Ukulele skills

    I've gotten a lot better this year.  Still got a lot of learning to do, but I'm happy with my progress.

    The Moon

    10. Performed Stand Up

    I went on stage and did a set.  People liked it.  Really happy with that.  I'd really like to do more.


    11. Blackpool

    I went recently with a few of the guys.  Really nice to get away.  Great wee waterpark and themepark.

    12. Singing

    My singing has really improved as well.  I've performed twice on stage Infront of strangers as well as local kareoke at the pub.
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