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Thing's I've learnt in the last 10 years

Since leaving uni, what have I learnt?

    1. Security

    Despite having a degree, nowhere wanted me so I did security training and worked in that field for a bit.  It's hard work, not something I'd want to do again.

    2. Hospitality

    I did a princes trust course and learnt how to cook.  I even worked in a restaurant for a bit.  Cooking is fun and relaxing, but being a chef is really stressful.  Not something I'd want to do again as a job, but I love learning how to cook new dishes for fun.

    3. TEFL

    I learnt how to teach English and then I taught English for 4 years.  I also taught new teachers how to teach.

    I loved this job.  A lot of fun and watching the kids grow really gives the work meaning.

    4. Coaching

    I took coaching lessons and coached a few teachers out in China.  I really enjoyed this as well and have offered coaching advice to friends that have been struggling.  I'd like a job in this field as well.  Therapy can get sad, but coaching is a much happier environment.

    5. Reading

    I never read books.  When I was 27 I aimed to read one book, after that I pushed myself to do a book a month, for a year and I ended up reading more than that.  I'm not quite at that level now, but I still enjoy reading and learning new things.

    6. Being the best isn't good enough

    I thought that as long as I was better than my peers in most things I'd be happy and get the most out of life.  Yet I wasn't.  It wasn't until I started to push myself to achieve more (for fun) that I actually got the happiness and respect I wanted.  Being the best isn't good enough, you need to keep pushing yourself to be better.

    7. Stoicism

    I always followed the Stoic philosophy without knowing what it was, but as I've delved more into it I've worked out better ways to live my life.  I'm not a religious person, so having this framework to live by is about the closest I get to spirituality.
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