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Steve Alvest


Things my dog has destroyed

I'm glad nobody in my family are all that materialistic... because my dog has destroyed many of our things and caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage around the house. He's still a puppy, so hopefully he'll learn someday...


    1. A bottle of red acrylic paint

    Chewed a hole in the plastic bottle, spilled red paint all over the carpet, and got his face and paws bright red.

    2. The family room couches

    He loves pulling the stuffing out of the couch.

    3. A USB key

    He chewed it until there were small bits of metal and plastic everywhere. I couldn't have destroyed it better myself.

    4. Pencils, both wooden and mechanical

    Pulverized the wooden pencil. Mangled the mechanical pencil until it was a twisted mass of sharp plastic.

    5. My highlighter marker

    My favorite work highlighter was stolen from my office. It was so gnawed and sharp I had to throw it out.

    6. Four window sills

    They're pieces of wood jutting from the wall. Too tempting.

    7. The screens on four windows

    He gets angry when people don't let him in when he wants to come in, so he destroys the windows.

    8. The heads of several stuffed animals

    This dog doesn't just chew stuffed animals. He first makes a little hole, then carefully pulls the innards out, then surgically removes the head with his teeth.

    9. The kitchen chairs

    Yeah, he gets antsy and chews up the chairs too.

    10. A library book

    I had the awkward experience of explaining to a librarian that my dog chewed up a book (half the front cover was chewed off). Luckily, it wasn't a book they needed in their collection and they didn't charge me for it.

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