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Collin Harness


Things That Improve Travel

Everyone should travel more to get away from work and experience different environments.

    1. TSA Precheck

    It makes flying easier because you do not have to take everything out of your bag.

    2. iPad

    I like to read book and watch movies on my iPad. We don’t need to carry around lots of books.

    3. Soft sheets

    I require a lot of sleep and soft sheets make it easier to fall asleep faster

    4. Hike

    Each place I go I try to do at least one outdoor hike. Reminds me what nature looks like.

    5. GetYourGuide.com

    Great website for day trips.

    6. Uber

    Can be expensive, but worth it to get quickly from A to B.

    7. Hotel with lounge

    Many Marriotts and Hiltons have lounges that serve food/drinks so you do have to get meals.

    8. Salad

    Pretty much all locations have some form of a salad. Usually a safe and healthy option that won’t give you food poisoning.

    9. Pajamas

    Pure comfort

    10. Download books/movies

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