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Things that lead to life changes can be seen as a two sided balance.

Intuition and Revelation as stated before, show us two sides of life. Both Assurance and Domination also make it balance. Science is somewhere in between.

    1. Politicians affect us. Pres. and even President wannabees can change our lives. Intuition and Revelation play a roll in sorting this out.

    2. The power from evil as Domination affects us. You must protect yourself from evil, and sometimes you get the Assurance that you have insulated yourself from evil. This should be a good thing if you're not evil.

    3. Spiritual life revelations and intuition lead us, and even dominate or assure us. This gives us purpose and reason to coexist beyond the survival of the fittest alone.

    4. Things occur on a linear time line. Some people will experience a chain of synchronistic events. These lead to a presumption with a new outcome of a life. Some people may not. Does this exist, just to give life a two sided balance?

    5. Taking the Assurance and Domination approach to Intuition and Revelation is a personal worldview, and supported by teachings of life philosophy.

    6. I have seven definite examples in my life, where I wasn't in contol of the balance. That is why I percieve order to be two sided, basically the power and the energy.

    7. Indoctrination I assume can be viewed as either Assurance or Domination. (All is in the eye of the beholder.) Should we allow ourselves to be indoctrinated (Dominated) for the Assurance of others?

    8. Why is the Balance leaning to Domination today? What if the anti-modern world ruled again? They would preclude 'digital is evil'. This would be Assurance to them wanting change, and Domination to the those opposed.

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