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Thing's that make me angry

I don't let anger get the better of me, but I'm only human and something's do make me snap from time to time.  Here's a short list of those things.

Thing's that make me angry

    1. Bad advice

    It's ok to not be ok - it's ok to be depressed and want to die?  That seems far from ok to me.  If anything that's not ok.  You should be doing everything you can to get yourself out of that pit. not accepting it as ok.

    Real friends do X - people are busy, sometimes folk just want some time alone.  Being angry that others lives don't revolve around you is idiotic and a quick way to depression.

    Fat is beautiful - it's unhealthy.  Why would you promote that.  So people can feel good?  Maybe we shouldn't feel good about everything. Maybe feeling bad is the first step in improvement.

    Gun's don't kill people - they do, but its also insane people holding said gun.  Preventing people from reaching that point should be the real goal.  Even without guns these people are dangerous.

    2. Unintended Consequences

    I highly recommend searching this term on YouTube and watching a few videos on it.  Link below.

    We all have good intentions, unfortunately we also have blind spots.  Most arguments seem to be about theses blind spots.  I can get worked up when others don't see these blind spots.  For example the recent focus on race (for example white characters being played by black actors) teaches people to see the world through the same lenses as racist's.  When you see people as black /White instead of individual's trouble happens and at this rate it's coming soon.

    The same goes for pride. is that Steven or is it the queer gay drag queen?  I want people to focus on character instead of these things, the media want's the opposite.

    3. Suicide

    And the talk about them being brave,coragus people.  Their wimp's and cowards.  We can't save them but we can save those thinking about it.  How would they want to be remembered as coragus or as a loser?  Push that they're loser's and far less people will do it.

    Most of what angers me is what eventually leads to this.  If I can prevent it early on I will.

    4. Victim Olympics

    I have anxiety I find it hard to shop.

    We'll I find it hard to hang out with friends.

    Well I find it hard to leave my house.

    Well at least you can walk about your house I can't even leave my room.

    Look at social media and you'll see people battle it out to be the biggest victim.  Making themselves sick in the process.

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