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Things That Make Me Want to Follow Your Account

Whether it's here on NotePD, other social media platforms, or even a blog or website, you and your content benefit from having an audience. I follow accounts here on NotePD gladly, and I hope my experience is enriched by doing so, but I don't follow blindly, as I still need to curate what I'm consuming. These tips are personal opinions and will be geared to this site, but some may be universal.

    1. You post a list that is thought provoking

    2. You post a challenge that gives me an idea list to work on

    3. Your Bio has a link

    Could be to a Twitter account, a website, or somewhere else that lets me know more about you and what you're about.

    4. Your Bio shows that we have common interests

    Could be pop culture, pursuits, or fields of study.

    5. Your Bio shows that you are and expert or communicator on a subject I'm curious but not knowledgeable about

    6. You engage with my post

    I'm always grateful for engagement, and a follow is a great way to reciprocate the interest

    7. Your post is informative

    8. You clearly have a sense of humour

    We could all use a few laughs.

    9. You follow me first

    Not a guarantee, but it certainly helps.

    10. Your home (according to your bio) means something to me.

    Maybe you're a fellow Canadian, or maybe you're from a place I've always had an affinity for, either due to a visit or a future interest in visiting.

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