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Things That Need To Return

While a lot of good things have happened over the years, some good things have gone by the wayside. Here are some which we need to come back.

Things That Need To Return

    1. Basic respect

    Treat one another decently. Don't assume you know somebody until you actually do. Then, respect is gained or lost through one's actions - how they treat you and others. And how you treat them and others.

    2. Modesty

    Love who you love... that's cool. Wear what you want to wear... that's cool. But folks don't need to see your arse and / or your junk in public. Shows a lack of respect for others. And, cool to show affection, but not "pre-copulation."

    3. Day of Rest

    Not necessarily a religious day (but that's OK for those who believe), but a day without work, things to run around to do, events, activities. Just a day to take it easy, rest, and revitalize.

    4. Let Kids Fail

    No participation awards. Learn that failure doesn't define you. Especially with games - the fun is always in the play, not always the result.

    5. Pick up sports

    I harp on this. Kids don't get much of a chance to just play together. Work out the game, the rules, and have fun for the sake of fun. This is how we learned how to solve problems and conflicts - without parents unless there was a serious injury (didn't happen with my friends).

    6. Stoop / Porch Hangouts

    People getting out of their houses, being outside, interacting with one another. Saying hello, then talking and getting to know your neighbors goes a long way.

    7. Dressing Up

    We've become too casual. Dressing up improves first impressions, boosts personal confidence, and increases interpersonal respect. OK, so not a suit and tie at the beach, but at least not a tee shirt and shorts in the office.

    8. Family Dinners

    Regular family dinners promote bonding, communication, and a sense of togetherness. And usually means the dishes in the sink get taken care of...

    9. Hand written letters

    Add a personal touch to communication and convey sentiments in a more tangible and lasting way. Also, thank you notes need to return...

    10. Community gatherings

    Neighborhood picnics and other events, organized and run by locals and not the town, improve community relations, communication, and interaction.

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