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Things That Never Go Out of Style

Keepin' it classy

    1. Clean shoes

    I keep an eye out for good shoes when they go on sale. I really like the Goodfellow brand at Target, affordable and classy.

    I also get the cheap cans of foaming shoe cleaner that's safe for all types of material + the cheap shoe kits that come with a cleaning brush, fresh laces etc.

    I get compliments on my shoes pretty often from people asking if they're new, even if they're a few years old and been worn often.

    2. The Handkerchief

    I dont keep them in my pocket like they did in the old days. That would be gross to offer someone a handkercheif from the back pocket of my jeans. I do keep them in my computer bag and in my house in case anyone ever needs one. They're cheap, useful and look classy when you offer one to a guest.

    3. Quality Masonry

    No matter what direction construction goes, good old-fashioned brick or stone masonry building always looks good.

    4. Respecting your elders

    Old people. Maybe grumpy, smelly, or hard to deal with (I'm talking to you grandpa) They have a lot of life experience and deserve a good amount of respect.

    5. Physical mail

    Had a good time with friends? Want to tell your parents you love them? Send a post card. Seriously, getting something in the mail from a friend or family member is so much more fun than coupons and bills. It's only costs like $2 for a card and postage.

    6. Giving your undivided attention during a conversation

    Looking at your phone or computer screen while having a conversation is rude.

    7. A Pocket Knife

    Use mine every day.

    8. A nice pen

    In 2004 I was a 19 year old leaving home, my dad clipped a $9 metal Parker pen to my shirt pocket and said "a good man has a good pen" - That stuck with me.

    9. Learning to fix things

    Taking care of your possessions is cool.

    10. A positive attitude


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