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Things that surprised me about getting Covid this week

Just got Covid. Ugh

    1. Headaches

    The headaches are TERRIBLE! I have been drinking a lot of water recently because I was doing Keto Code. I thought the headaches were from lack of electrolytes. I take the pills. I drank a ton of water. I drank the Keto electrolytes (they taste really bad) . But omg the headaches. I wanted to be rushed to the ER just to get rid of them

    2. Not lost of taste but everything tastes awful

    I tried to make eggs and avocado this morning. I love that breakfast. It did not taste good this morning. So I went for the stew my mom made for me. Nope. Jello tastes OK. But everything else. Ick.

    3. Aches

    I dont remember people talking about the aches. My neck. It hurts soo bad. My whole body just feels like it's being attacked.

    4. Eye strain

    I can't watch TV. The light hurts my eyes. The sun hurts my eyes.

    5. Shivers

    I will randomly just start freezing.

    6. Not alot of coughing

    I expected to be hacking up a storm with covid. Sure I am coughing but not that often.

    7. Sleepy but cant sleep

    I am sleepy but can't sleep. I want to just sleep through it. I want to have a great big power nap and it be gone.

    8. Teeth hurt

    Weird. I know. I've had a lot of dental work done. Maybe that's why.

    9. Phone battery lasts longer.

    When you have it on the dimmest setting it lasts a long time.

    10. No interest in getting things done.

    I could get a lot of things done. All the things for the end of the year at school. Clean my car and my place. Work my 2 extra jobs to make more money. Nope. Don't care.
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