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Things that the Summer Camp Industry NEEDS to consider for a sustainable future

I have so many thoughts here, thanks for this brilliant idea Travis!

    1. Cancel Visitors Day

    The economics and environmentalism of this are out of whack. Parents driving 2+ hours in a car loaded with single use plastics and paper goods and take out food, to then drive back the other way, presumably in traffic. Not to mention kids and staff hate it.

    2. Cancel Water Ballon fights.

    I know I sound like the summer camp grinch. Those latex bits get everywhere. Eventually, they wash into the water supply presumably. This is part of the microplastics problem.

    3. If trees are felled in a summer camp... you better use them for parts as best as you can

    Wood chips go EVERYWHERE. Dust problems? wood chips. Need to make a new path? wood chips.

    4. Less Grass on non-sports fields (drought tolerant landscaping!)

    5. Before you add this to the shopping list...have you looked around camp yet for a similar item/solution?

    6. Harnessing solar for heating the pool, showers, etc.

    Also while we are on it, figuring out a pool cover system that is not cumbersome to minimize evaporation

    7. Building to LEED standards and including solar

    8. Why do I still see styrofoam cups at camps? 'Nuff Said!

    9. Inventory tracking to maximize order efficiency, driver fuel economy, shelf life of items.

    This applies for food and all camp goods.

    10. Go Cabin by Cabin... and replace windows and lights. Add a door sweep.

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