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Things The Older Me Has No Need To Partake In Any More

Things that moved me when I was younger just don't do it any more. Plus, I wanted to use "partake" for a list.

These include...

Things The Older Me Has No Need To Partake In Any More

    1. Large crowds

    Concerts, events, etc. Too much hassle, too much annoyance.

    2. Fancy Foods

    Nice, but don't have to go out of my way or into my wallet. A burger, pizza, or omelette are fine.

    3. Dangerous Stuff

    Zip lines, mountain biking, or anything with a real possibility of physical injury.

    4. Fast / Fancy Cars

    Just get me from point A to point B with no issues. Wouldn't say no to a vintage VW Thing or pre '69 Beetle, though.

    5. Booze

    Had to stop when on blood thinner over a year ago. Haven't felt the need to go back. Not a moral thing, just works for me.

    6. Late nights

    Not productive after 9pm. Only up late when out with friends, which is less often these days.

    7. Fashion

    I dress office casual most of the time. Shoes are inexpensive, comfortable slip-ons.

    8. Computer Games

    Bachelor me spent a good deal of time playing games on the PC. The son plays a lot of online games with his friends (and CTD with my brother sometimes), but I don't feel the draw any more.

    9. Long Drives

    Used to take long drives for the heck of it. Now, if I'm not going to or coming back from somewhere I need/want to go, I can pass on the drive.

    10. Malls

    Used to go a lot to window shop. Would easily get my steps in, if I was counting them back then. Now, all online. And getting steps in other ways.

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