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Things to do besides watch the Super Bowl

    1. Write a book

    In the first month of 2019, I wrote three books. (1) “Choose Yourself”, (2) “Superman is Dead”, and (3) “The Choose Yourself Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment”. All three were written in the first month of the year. The last one was written in six days straight. I didn’t sleep at all during those six days. It was fun.

    2. Learn a language

    I took Russian for four years in college but never really learned it. So I started learning again this year and now can have basic conversations in Russian. It's fun!

    3. Start a business idea that you have been thinking about for awhile

    I always say, “Don’t start a business until you have an idea so good that you would work on it even if you weren’t getting paid and it had no chance of success.” In January, I started three businesses like this: - NoteToSelf.com – where I write articles like this one- DailyVee.com – where I make videos about my day- TheIdeaPoke.com – where we send out daily emails to people with ideas for businesses that we think has a chance to succeedFor instance, on February 3rd we sent out an email suggesting starting a subscription service selling survival gear like paracord keychains or flashlights or maybe even honey bunnies (which are chocolate rabbits filled with honey). Within HOURS of that email going out, we got several emails from people saying they were starting such businesses right then and there! And within two weeks we had several new businesses launched by our readership!And these three businesses are just the start of many more to come!

    4. Play chess

    I've been playing twice a week for 25 years now but still consider myself only "intermediate". But every time I play I learn something new about the game so its important to keep practicing every day even if its just 15 minutes per day

    5. Spend quality time with family and friends

    Sometimes when working on projects 24/7 it's hard to stay connected with family and friends who aren't as addicted to their phones as me.- - - - - - - - - -

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