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Things to Do on a Free School Day (at School)

We had an optional day at school today and VERY few children showed up--now we're thinking of fun things to do!

Things to Do on a Free School Day (at School)

    1. Study WHAT YOU WANT!

    If you're interested in a field, go and look at it, see what you want to do, and make your own research!

    2. Go on a Hike!

    It's beautiful outside! We're going for a long, long walk.

    3. Write a long story.

    4. Go to lunch together at a restaurant

    5. Buy a book of their choice for each child here.

    6. Go visit the Lake!

    7. Write out ALL of our goals together, and have a talk about achieving them.

    8. Meditation session.

    9. A "regular" day, with just fewer people. Core skills, project learning, smaller discussions.

    10. Read books we want to do all day long.

    11. Chess tournament

    12. Vote on a 3-4 hour field trip of where to go

    13. Find a place to volunteer. Go to the food shelter and ask to work.

    14. Writing exercise: what would my perfect life be like in 25 years?

    15. Go visit another school like ours and see how they're doing today.

    16. Tour a fire station.

    17. Tour a police station.

    18. Visit a job/profession that they think they'd like to do when they get older.

    19. Record a podcast together.

    20. Have them write letters to their parents.

    21. Create a business for next session.

    22. Work on School Badges (Leadership, Reader, Service, etc)

    23. Life Lessons from Dad discussion.

    24. Read from "We're Not Strangers" card game and answer the questions.

    25. Volunteer brainstorm.

    26. Sing karaoke!

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