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Thing's to do when there's nothing to do

I had no plans for today and after doing the usual tasks I've found I've still got tons of time before I need to sleep.  So if I find myself in this situation in the future what should I do?

    1. Listen to a podcast

    I enjoy going on a long walk whilst listening to one, but it's cold and I get bored of walking the same route.  Maybe I can get on the train to a new city and explore it whilst listening to podcasts.

    2. Read

    I'm working my way through a few different books.  If bored I can find one that sounds interesting and work through that.

    3. Pool

    I've not played pool in a long time.  I'm sure I could find someone to go with for a few matches.

    4. Draw

    I've not drawn in a long time.  If I could find the energy now would be the perfect time to do it.

    5. Job search

    I hate this process.  It's so much work for something that 90 % of the time goes nowhere.  I don't hate a lot of things, but I hate this.  I wish it was simpler.

    6. Rest

    That's what I'm currently doing.  It's the least productive thing, but I'm enjoying it.  Sometimes it's nice to just do nothing for a while.

    7. Talk to friends

    I don't like talking online, I prefer in person.  But If I'm doing nothing I guess I may as well talk.  We could plan something fun for later in the week.

    8. Play games

    I haven't played a games console in year's yet this is the perfect time to sit Infront of the screen and enjoy a game.  Maybe I'll set up the playstation later.

    9. Record videos

    I recorded part 3 and 4 of my popeman story today.

    10. Super list

    If I find myself with this much free time I can focus on writing a super list.  Something education and enjoyable to read.  I could then update this into a blog post.
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