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Things to Do with an Unexpected Day

Few things please me more than canceled plans. When a whole day opens up, I'm ecstatic. Here are a few things to do on those occasions. I'm always happy to get more time to spend with my wife, but that's just generally the case. These are some specific things on my own.


Image by Silvia from Pixabay

    1. Read.

    Read all day, even. I used to do that all the time, though these days if I read more than 20 or 30 minutes I start falling asleep. Thanks, aging! So here are other things.

    2. Take a drive.

    Nowhere in particular. Just explore. Or drive up into the mountains nearby.

    3. Walk, slowly, on the greenway.

    Arthritis and neuropathy have robbed me of the pleasure of hiking all day, like I used to do. But if I take it slow, and take my cane that has the built-in seat, I can slowly at least get around our local greenway.

    4. Clear a section of clutter.

    This may not sound like fun, but it would be satisfying, and I never have enough time to tackle it.

    5. Catch up the laundry.

    Same as above. Satisfying.

    6. Meditate.

    I do this regularly anyway, but a day of canceled plans would allow a slower, deeper, longer session.

    7. Hang out at the library.

    Always good.

    8. Hang out at the coffeehouse.

    Always good.

    9. Hang out at the bookstore.

    And again, always good.

    10. Play guitar.

    I would like to do this every day to rebuild my calluses on my finger tips. Once I accomplish that, I could enjoy playing guitar for extended periods.

    11. Sleep.

    Not to be discounted. I'm behind by several years. Yes, I know they claim you can't catch up. I'm willing to test that theory.

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