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Things To Help You Be Strategic

I hear a lot about cloud-first strategy, digital-first strategy, or mobile-first strategy. Every year we have an x-first strategy buzzword. What is strategy? It is a set of actions designed to achieve a particular goal or goal.

I have been thinking a lot about strategy or thinking strategically lately. And about what makes someone be strategic.

A fascinating example of strategy is the ship strategy used by English generals in the Spanish Armada.

So how can we learn to be strategic?

Things To Help You Be Strategic

    1. Definition of success

    What does success look like to you and your team?

    This is critical because you and your team may care about many outcomes? But understanding which one matters most is critical.

    2. Understand the problem intimately

    It is not enough to know the problem. It is important to understand the ecosystem around the problem. Who else is trying to solve the problem? How are they approach it? Where are the opportunities for a better approach?

    3. Understand your unique strength

    This will help you focus on the problems that suit your and your team's strength.

    4. Understanding your horizon

    Understanding the impact or insignificance of daily activities on short, mid, and long-term horizons is essential.

    5. Focus & prioritize

    Say you want to get promoted. You need to know the activities that get you there faster. Build a network or reach out to potential sponsors and give before you ask, work on money-generating projects, build skills that are highly in demand, and so on.

    6. Seek feedback

    The fastest way to learn is to measure and track your progress. Getting honest feedback is a great way to learn and improve.

    7. Build relationship

    Build transformational relationships, not transactional ones. Your network is your net worth.

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