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Thing's to think about

Lot's of things to think about, so I'm making this list to help my focus.

    1. Professional Photos

    My friend does photography could I get them to take model like photos, throughout Glasgow of people wearing my clothing?

    Other than money what are the gains?

    The model's could be friends who end up with a free portfolio of high quality photos..

    Photographer gains exposure. (There's a joke waiting to be made there)

    Me.  I gain more exposure (hopefully all of the models+photographer share their photos, wearing my clothing.

    Could I expand this by having videos made/shared?

    2. Dates

    I said I'd take a lass to a comedy night, so I should hunt out the best.  Even if I don't find anything amazing it's always nice seeing a random set, so I guess this is win/win.

    Where else could we go in the future.  Restaurants, museums, mini golf, bowling, axe throwing ect.

    Maybe we could venture out to other cities.  Edinburgh is always a fun day out.

    3. Clean up

    I'm always looking at my site and cleaning it up.  I think I need to divide the Stoics and wise minds up.  A lot of people don't know the Stoics and this might be enough to stop them from viewing that page.  Wise words is more likely to get a click.

    More stock.  I was unsure if less options or more options would be better.  I think I can get the best of both by showing less, but having a view more option for those that want to see what else they can get with this design.

    More drawings.  Just for the fun of it.

    4. Glasses

    I left them at my friend's house.  I might look into contacts as well.  I've never tried them, maybe they'd be better than the glasses.

    5. Animation

    I want to animated my language learning comics.  I'm sure these will make learning languages far easier.  

    6. Gigs

    I need to book gigs I want to go to.
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