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Things to write lists for

I use an app called Twos to track tasks and also make lists. Here are some of the lists I list!

    1. Gratitude list

    One list and a simple log of what I'm grateful for. I don't add to this every day but on an ad hoc basis.

    2. Self-care list

    This is a reminder list of what I can do as part of my self-care. I can pick an item from the list and do that thing when I feel that I'm neglecting my self-care. The reason to have a list is so that, in the moment, you don't have to think what you could do.

    3. Fridge/freezer/cupboard food list

    I like my food audits. Every so often I will go through the fridge and freezer and log what's in there. I then use that list to menu plan. I try to keep up to date with the list but sometimes lapse and have to start again. When I'm on my game, it makes a big difference.

    4. Menu plan

    See above.

    5. Shopping list

    Linked to 3 and 4, we're notoriously bad at shopping. Well, I'm notoriously bad. I don't enjoy it and sometimes, in my rush to be in and out, I forget key items. A list helps!

    6. Places I want to visit list

    This list is mostly local at the moment. Places in Derbyshire we've not yet been to. When we get a free weekend, we can refer to the list and choose somewhere to visit.

    7. Client project lists

    I've used allsorts of apps to track client projects. Many of my clients are not very tech savvy and something simple works best. I can share my list with the client.

    8. Learning list

    I have a rolling list of eCourses, training that I've purchased to make sure I don't forget anything and as a reminder to work through the content.

    9. Garden list

    This is a list of all the seeds I've bought, with sowing dates and flower colour, seed type. This is a new garden and I'm determined to track what I'm planting.

    10. Birthday list

    I have this in a few formats. I like to remember birthdays. In Twos, I have a recurring dates list with birthdays and anniversaries.

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