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Things we don't know about God. (1 min 32 sec)

    1. God intervenes in conflicts.

    God doesn’t meddle in earthly matters but provides a perpetual state of love and peace, transcending worldly conflicts.

    2. God blesses only believers.

    God's love is limitless and unconditional, extending to all regardless of their beliefs, as everyone is equally cherished in God's love.

    3. God is a physical being.

    God is not a physical entity but a source of pure love and spirit, beyond physical form.

    4. God communicates through fear.

    Communication with God occurs via love and peace, not through fear, which is an ego creation.

    5. God is vengeful.

    God does not harbor anger or seek vengeance, as these are human traits and not characteristics of the divine.

    6. God's love must be earned.

    God's love is freely bestowed, independent of any deeds or actions to earn it.

    7. God prefers certain people.

    God is impartial, loving all of creation unconditionally and equally.

    8. God is bound by time.

    God is timeless, existing beyond the limits and constraints of physical time.

    9. God needs our prayers.

    Prayer may alter our perception, but God's extension of love and presence isn't contingent on our prayers.

    10. God withholds forgiveness.

    God perpetually forgives; it's our perceptions that obscure the realization of this unceasing forgiveness.
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