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Things we should do for our children

My kids are nearing the teen years and I'm a bit worried. Thankfully, I have some control of their lives and hope to keep some barriers for them.

    1. No smartphones until college

    Not sure we'll keep this enforced, but I hope so.

    2. No cell phone until high school

    Maybe we give them beepers again? Some people entering adulthood have never made a phone call.

    3. No social media until college

    If we can have smoking and drinking age restrictions, let's do the same for social media. Social media is especially bad for young people who's brains have not fully developed. It's easy for those of us who didn't grow up with it to understand how bad it is.

    4. Job or sport/activity in afternoons from middle school on

    You can't just plop down in the middle of the week and do nothing. Learn something. Play an instrument. Get a job. Do something productive. I found people who have something to lose, don't get in as much trouble.

    5. No moving forward in grade level until you are ready

    Hold them back until they pass the minimum standard. What's the incentive to try?

    6. No college at 18

    2 years of Peace Corp, working, Public service, Military. Something.Maybe it should be 4 years. We live a lot longer now, but we are still very naive and vulnerable at a young age.

    7. Similar to #5 - Make US driving test harder

    Some terrible drivers on the road today...It's also quite dangerous.

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