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Things you can do to help you produce more happiness from our own brain

What? What is this science about exactly? Well, it's been around since humans existed. We all have brains that produce Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. Certain activities help release these chemicals from our brains, the same way Melatonin is released when we are in a state of relaxation or fatigue.

    1. Eating

    Eating, especially indulgent eating, will release dopamine, which is a reward of sorts for us, it's what makes you feel good, or happy and satisfied. It's addicting too, which is why some people go to food to avoid feelings of sadness. However, when you treat yourself to an indulgent snack, or you had a satisfying meal, your dopamine is why. Chocolate is a good one.

    2. Complete a task on your to do list

    A sense of accomplishment also releases dopamine. This could also apply to a major goal you've e been working towards.

    3. Self Care

    Anything you do for your health will release dopamine. Running, workouts, riding a bike, going to a yoga class. That "runners high" people speak of, that's dopamine.

    4. Shopping

    You have been saving up for something for a while, maybe an outfit....you know this is the day, you set a standard "ok, I am going to get one pair of shoes, one bottom, one top and I'm going to spend X amount and that's it." Then you go to the store, you start to browse, you see other people buying things, putting things in their carts, you try on some shoes, you find the perfect ones, but wait, there's another pair on sale! They could also go with this outfit, I'll get those too. You make your way to the checkout line, and you spot another good deal on some tops, the music is playing overhead, you are excited about what you have found so far and by the time you leave, you ended up with 3 shirts, 2 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes, and a few other things you "needed". Dopamine strikes again! Don't forget that stores are designed to make you spend! The way the stores are arranged, the signage, to the music they play...it's all designed to make you spend your money.

    5. Socializing

    Just being around others, especially people you admire or want to be around, releases Oxytocin and makes you feel good, special and loved.

    6. Helping Others

    Helping others in a genuine way, releases Oxytocin. Hugging, snuggling and physical touch does this also

    7. Petting Animals releases Oxytocin

    8. Go outside more often if possible

    Being in the sunlight naturally awakens us and releases Serotonin. It awakens our minds and alters our mood. Meditation, and being in nature also does this.

    9. Exercising

    This releases Endorphins and can help with feeling better in multiple ways. It can be mind numbing and make you feel good. Listening to music does this too. Laughing is a good way to release Endorphins, it's a natural painkiller.

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