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Things You Can Get Or Make Online And Sell For A Profit

There's stuff out there that might be worth money someday. Maybe you can claim it first. Or, maybe you can make something. I tried to avoid the usual ebooks, NFTs, though I did include a making-a-course idea.

    1. Domain names

    I love domain names. It's hard to find short .com names anymore that no one has thought of, but there still good ones available. Another thing to keep an eye on is the new top level domains. I just bought my name with .day, so it is Leeds.day. It turns out that there is a major law firm with that exact name. Maybe they'll want to buy it from me someday.

    2. Twitter names

    Can you sell them? Not a name that really belongs to someone, but a name that anyone can claim, but someone is really going to want.

    3. A single video digital course

    Turn on the phone camera and record continuously yourself talking, saying everything you know about an important topic people will want to know about Talk for 30-60 minutes. Sell it on a landing page with a Facebook or Google ad.

    4. Create a company and sell it

    People look for companies to buy on Flippa, and probably similar websites. Make a company. Sell it.

    5. Make a film. The new, improved "Secret"

    I saw a filmmaker do this. Make a dream board of how you are going to become a successful filmmaker and make a film about your plan and how it is working out.

    6. Holistic Mindful Meditative Manifestation of Money Financial Newsletter

    Write about alternative ways to wish for wealth to your monthly readers.

    7. Sell lifetime deal accounts.

    Some of these deals turn out to be very valuable after the Saas company does well.

    8. Create TheInternetHelpdesk.com

    9. Become a certifying body with website certificates

    Do you want your busines to be IdeaList certified? For $xx.xx, you too can have the fancy certifying logo on your homepage.

    10. Inbox Zero Service

    Do you use gmail and hate seeing so many emails that you will never have time to read? For $59, simply provide your login credentials, and we will apply our proven process to clear your inbox without deleting a single email. After service has been provided, we will send a full instruction sheet on how you can still access any of the emails that were previously visible in your inbox.

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