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Things you could do when you're in a Bathroom (G and non PG)

Time is money. You want to maximize your time in any way you could! Like in Bathroom! This is totally G, and no dirty mind involve!

    1. Reading

    You can read anywhere, and anytime. Bathroom time is definitely the best way to read. However, I would suggest having a kindle than a physical book. You don't want to destroy your book.

    2. Coming up with Ideas

    Sometimes, bathroom is my temple, bathroom is where I could zone out, and just do one thing and one thing only. It could be therapeutic! So when you need to go, might as well, also let your mind flow! :)

    3. Singing

    People love to sing in the bathroom cause typically, bathroom is covered in Tile, and it create a great "echo" or as a fancy audio engineer call it, "Reverb". To be honest, I do think it's a best place to practice your singing. Cause you can actually hear how bad your singing is!

    4. Responding email

    If you're like me, you're pretty much in front of your computer all day, editing either audio or video. So you probably won't have time to respond to a million email that people send you. Now, in the bathroom, it's the best time, cause you can't really do anything else that require physical movement. So replying email on your phone is the best way to spend your time in Bathroom!

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