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Things you like about yourself

    1. My smile

    Braces paid off

    2. My eyes

    They change from blue-blue to gray depending on what I am wearing

    3. My laugh

    4. My ability to find the silver lining

    5. My rose colored glasses

    It might be the same as number four. I have been accused of not fully understanding just how serious a situation can be. Oh, I understand it; I also know that 98% of the time, the worst-case scenario doesn't present itself.

    6. The way I am able to see both sides

    I consider this good, and some consider this very annoying.

    7. I can take deep hurt and translate it into words

    For some reason I have a much harder time doing this with happiness

    8. The ability to not loose my shit

    Some say I wouldn't be in counseling now if I lost my shit more often. I guess there are two sides to every coin.

    9. My sarcasm

    So glad my husband likes it.

    10. My feet, yup I like my feet

    I hated them for so many years. I thought they were too wide. Then one day, my sister-n-law said you have perfect feet. I wish my feet looked like yours. From that day on, I have thought of them completely differently.

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