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This instance is the only experience there is and ever will be.


    1. Time is antithetical to the Present moment.

    We believe that the present moment is a slice of time between the past and future but that is totally inaccurate.
    Presence is an experience that is not related to time.
    Time is related to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular.
    Time is about past and future thinking.
    Presence is about the immediate here-and-now experience.

    2. What is time for?

    Time's purpose cannot be to keep the past and future as one.
    The ego wants to merge the past and future.
    It wants to see a continuity of past and future. This is the method in which it keeps it actual existence alive.
    If I can make up a story about how I was mistreated when I was a kid and continue to confirm this made up story as a move into adulthood.
    The story of "I've been mistreated" appears to have substance when in truth it does not.
    This is not the truth of who I am but that's not what my ego wants me to believe.

    3. The present moment is the only I can be rescued from time.

    The present moment is always HERE and always NOW.
    The present moment crowds out the past and future.
    The present moment is eternal, not temporal.
    At this moment I can choose any narrative and it doesn't have to be what I've chosen before.
    At this moment I can choose to be happy.
    At this moment I can choose to let go of my grievances.
    At this moment I can see everyone as innocent despite their unrecognized disguises.
    At this moment I can return to love and I don't have to think about my past or future.
    Do you mean I can actually experience what's occurring now? That's exactly what I'm saying.

    I have never been able to experience the "past" or "future"...I can only think about the past or the future. All of my experiences are experienced NOW.

    Thinking about the past or future keeps me out of the present moment. Egos hate "now" moments because they have no power.
    Don't be afraid to look at the things you feel guilty about today in order to let them go. You'll be happy that you did.
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