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This is a new opportunity that doesn't require money and offers you money!

Receive $125 Free and cash in daily profits every 5 seconds on your account for 5 years


    1. Use the SKYLEX platform to build an empire that offers you a daily income.

    You can start FREE and earn daily profits.

    We are in the pre-launch phase, the best time to get on board!

    Once your KYC is validated, you will receive a $25 Darwin Node that earns you daily every 5 seconds for 5 years.

    When you refer 5 people who complete their KYC, you receive another $100 Nobel Node!

    All Nodes are fully operational and remain active for 5 years.

    The node to take is called "Darwin" which you can

    get in the "Buy Node" option

    Yes to receive the $25

    which will then bring you earnings,

    you must first do your KYC.

    Get $25 Free

    that will work for you for 40 days.

    - Then go to "Create Deposit".

    - Choose the "Standard" box at 0.93%.

    - Put the amount 25 in the empty box

    - And click on the "Create Deposit" button

    That's it, the $25 is working for you!


    Many of you wanted to

    to take advantage of the $25 offered by Skylex.

    But some of you have not yet done your

    KYC (identity verification) and therefore have not yet

    received anything yet.

    Moreover, when the 25$ are on the account, you have to

    take a node that will pay you every day.

    -- Skylex Network provides the highest quality digital products and services,

    giving you the opportunity to earn money by staking coins, validating transactions, growing your network and more.

    Skylex Network also rewards you with top-notch bonuses paid for your business.

    Create an account and enjoy the benefits of the world's most efficient hybrid network platform.

    Earn rewards with Skylex Network, constantly increasing your revenue.

    Skylex Network provides the highest quality digital products and services giving you the ability to earn money by staking coins, validating transactions, growing your network and much more.

    - Skylex Ecosystem

    - Skylex IVO and ICO

    - Skylex SwapApp

    - Skylex Exchange

    - Metavers

    Important: The promotion's reward pool is equal to $1,000,000 in total and ends after approximately 10,000 member accounts have claimed the Welcome Bonus.

    The promotion is valid as long as you can see the Welcome Bonus box in your Skylex Pioneers dashboard!



    When you register on skylex to receive your 25 dollars it is to confirm first your address you will receive a mail in your mailbox beware of spam send your ID and your kyc which will be verified it takes about 5 days because of the many requests after that you will receive your 25 dollars which will be placed in a node and inviting 5 people you will receive 100 dollars more By inviting the world you will receive bonuses as your team grows


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