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This is the Gospel - The Good News. (1 min 48 sec)


    1. **Ego and Illusion:**

    The biggest ego trip is trying to get rid of the ego.
    Clinging to the idea of "getting rid" of the ego is itself an ego-driven endeavor.
    The ego is an illusion: something unreal that we mistakenly identify with.
    It's not possible to get rid of an illusion - the unreal.

    2. **Mystical Experiences and Grace**

    How can we stop identifying with the wrong me? The wrong mind? We can't.
    Mystical experiences are gifts of divine grace, inaccessible through human effort or methods. It is a gift of God, and if God doesn't give it to us there's no other way of getting it.
    You, John Smith, cannot do anything about it because you don't exist.
    True understanding comes from realizing our non-existence as separate entities, which can be perceived as both liberating and unsettling.

    3. **Paradox and Silence**

    We will finally realize that we are the eternal energy of the universe like Jesus did.
    We cannot corral it or own it nor can we get rid of it.
    And not being able to name it, you get it.
    And not being able to get it, you get it. Get it?
    When you speak, it's silent.
    When you're silent, it speaks.
    You always speak first, it speaks last.
    It's the correction of our errors in thought.

    4. **There are no methods**

    All methods are nothing more than gimmicks designed to reinforce the ego.
    When we realize what we are we will see there is no method.
    When we realize that we cannot transform ourselves the main obstacle to mystical vision has collapsed.
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