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Thoughts at the international market

Today I went to two big Asian grocery stores, one primarily Korean (K Market International), and the other Chinese (Great Wall Supermarket).

Thoughts at the international market

    1. I still don't trust any foods manufacturered in China

    Lax quality standards

    2. I don't trust the labelling

    I picked up a bag of hawthorn berry flakes and it said "6g added sugars... total sugars: 0g." How does that make sense?

    3. Instant noodles contain chemicals I've never heard of, like "Sodium Hexametaphosphate" or "tertiary butylhydroquinone"

    Food should not have chemicals in it!

    4. Both stores seem to be paranoid of shoplifters

    Entrance doors that only open from the outside, no exits other than through cashiers lines, and intimidating looking security guards... the security is almost on par with Federal government buildings.

    5. I suspect one of the groceries locked the escape/fire doors to prevent shoplifting

    6. Asians eat a much wider variety of seafoods

    There are many ocean creatures that the typical Westerner dares not eat

    7. It's oddly satisfying to see non-Asians in the store

    Always nice to see people crossing cultures with an open mind

    8. There are brown coconuts, and there are white coconuts

    I didn't know there were white coconuts. My daughter informed me, "did you know more people are killed by coconuts than by sharks every year?" My response: "Really? So you would rather swim in a tank with sharks than stand in a kitchen with a pile of coconuts?"

    9. Both grocery stores seemed gender-segregated. The cash registers were all women, while the stockers and floor managers were all men.

    Maybe cultural norms, or small sample size... will have to do more research

    10. Lots of Teslas in the parking lots

    Apparently, Asians love Tesla

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