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Three ways to eat just 10% healthier.

I'm not a doctor, I've just been to the hospital so many times people think I am one.

    1. Taco Salad

    Who has time to get the beef, simmer it, sauce it, then get your avocados and roasted corn, or whatever you like on your taco salads? Or maybe you do, but just hate doing the dishes (which is one of my top 3 most hated things), either way. Try this, get an organic, healthy *ss frozen enchilada meal (Amy's Brands are my fav) but then get a package of MICRO-greens. A normal bag of salad would work I guess, but get the Microgreens seriously.

    Then all you have to do is take your microwaved to baked frozen dinner and then place it on top of a bed of microgreens, and a side of guac and you have an easy and you just upgraded the health factor by 10x. How about that for a nutritional ROI?

    (Bonus tip: This works for tons of other things like frozen saucy pasta and more too! )

    2. Cut everything you ADD to your food or drink item by 50%

    If you add sugar to your grande-frappo-lattato, just add half as much. Drink a few sips and if it's not there sprinkle just a little more. Then the next day try to drink a little more, and the next a little more, and so on. Until you're drinking almost half the cup of coffee without adding the sugar. I am willing to wager that you'll find that half as much sugar is more than enough to make the medicine go down.

    Use this method with salt, butter, oils, salad dressings or anything you use to add to a food or drink. You'll find you save money first off, then you'll also be able to retrain your palette to realize you don't actually NEED that much, and you just might find that it tastes better without as much of the crap you add to food that already has a ton of crap in it to start with.

    3. Put it on something smaller.

    Do you know how something looks bigger when it's in little hands? Well, invest in some smaller plates, bowls, and cups. Then pile that food on, and you'll find that just by reducing the size of the plates and serving vessels you use, the amount of food you consume will be less. You'll become more full, off of less. Our servings in the United States are HUGE, and our food waste is an insult to the food shortages hitting the less fortunate. We don't need that much, we shouldn't be consuming that much because our organs are built for it, and ultimately ... you save money.

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