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Times I've been completely honest

After reading James list it got me thinking of times I've been honest and faced similar outcomes. 


    1. Cameron

    In primary school we were learning about similes and metaphors. So I wrote 'the tree was as big and as fat as Cameron'. Cameron was a good friend, but he was also the largest kid in class. Teacher thought I was Dislexic and ment caravan. I said 'no. It says Cameron'. I then got in trouble for bullying. If I lied I may have been fine. 

    2. Blm

    I saw that BLM was a joke from the start. I wasn't happy with such a push for everyone to focus on race. I believe that we should focus on people's character, but I guess I'm just crazy to think that.

    I also though instead of seeing everything as race based  (this happened because he was black) we should look deeper and see if something else, that can be changed caused it 'he was being cheeky, the other guy was looking fire a fight and he looked weak ect. This view means that regardless of race, sexuality, gender ect. We can work together for solutions for everyone. Surely us all working together is better. 

    After speaking out about it I got a lot of pushback off people and blocked by a few good friends. 

    3. Covid

    I thought a lot of the decisions made during covid were idiotic. I got called a granny killer for a lot of my choices.

    Looking back I think I chose right, but I'm still looked down upon by some for my choices. 

    4. Trump

    I disliked him at first, but I was curious as to why anyone could like such a vial, racist, facist bigot, so I looked into it. After a short look I started to see that he wasn't half as bad as I first believed. Then I read 'win bigly' and suddenly all his actions made more sense. As time went on I started seeing the lies happen in real time. 'fine people' 'drink bleach' 'Russia collusion' all lies. So I spoke out. Folk that only know him through what the media tells them still believe he's Hitler, so speaking praise doesn't go down as well with them. 

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