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Tired of picking up Dog 💩 ?

    1. Easiest way is don't have a dog

    Don't hate me, I have a dog and he is the best. Just saying, easiest way not to have to pick it up or not feel guilty about not picking is to not have a dog.

    2. A bag

    I like the idea of a bag that disintegrates. We live in a hot climate and during the summer time we don't even have to worry about poop removal because just hours after our dog has pooped the sun has dried it completely out. It will then just disintegrate into the soil. A bag that could dry the poop out quickly and then dissolve into the ground would be awesome.

    3. Poo pickers

    There are services that will come clean-up your doggy backyard. That doesn't really help when you are out and about though.

    4. Bag Dispenser

    There are very small bag dispensers that you could attache to your bike so that you always have a bag when needed.

    5. Train your dog to go off trail

    As someone who hikes I so dislike coming across dog poo on my walks. I have seen some owners who dogs poo off the trial. I think that may be the best way to not have to stop and pick things up. If the poo is off the trial it doesn't bother anyone. If your dog is trained to go a ways off of the trail chances are no one is going to even smell it and then with time it will melt into the ground and no one will be the wiser.

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