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To do

What would I like to acomplish in the next week.

    1. Instagram

    I think I can have all my photos made by next week.

    I need to make photos for tasks, journal questions and advertisements for my book /online course /Facebook page.

    If photos are done this week is like to set up an algorithm for one photo a day next week.

    If I don't find the time I still want this done before my birthday (May 19th) I'll make adjustments if needed.

    2. Stand up

    It's about time I performed. I'll email /phone locations and hopefully book a spot for the future. I don't need paid. The experience is more than enough.

    3. Pins

    I thought about making and selling pins in December. I'm not sure what the markets like so I'll keep no.s low. This also creates rarity, upping there value.

    This will mean I need to make adverts for pins as well for my Instagram.

    I should aim to get some made this week.

    4. Job search

    Not sure exactly what job I want. So, if I can work that out I'll be happy.

    Even better if I can start searching and applying for said job.

    5. Rest

    I'm at breaking point because I don't allow myself enough rest.

    Bath, play a video game, read, watch a film. Take my mind off important stuff and recharge.

    6. Plan birthday

    It's my birthday on less than a month and I still haven't invited anyone to do anything.

    Make a Facebook event so people know when and how to celebrate.

    7. New comic

    I've deprived the world of a new comic for too long. I think it's about time I created a new set.

    If I don't manage this week I can start on the new set after I have my Instagram project sorted.

    8. Write a story

    Kids book or short film. A story means I can create something new and I love to create.

    9. See friends

    A week without seeing friends always seems longer. See friends and have fun. When you're on your deathbed these are the memories you'll look back on.

    10. Write 'the Rocco Effect - Set 2' +

    They're already written. Checking grammar and spelling errors and get these books made and published.

    My new macbook has a spellchecker /grammar check built in. Maybe that will be good enough. It's worth a shot, should people still complain at least they'll be able to pin point the changes that need made.

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