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Today I Claim My Holiness As The Truth

I Am Holy and all I offer is sanctification.

    1. What does it mean to be holy?

    To evoke divine favor upon.
    To sanctify.
    To bless.

    2. You're already holy.

    You must focus on it.
    You must revel in it.
    You must claim your holiness.
    Go ahead and say it right now, " I AM Holy"
    Taking the actions above doesn't make you holy, you're already holy.
    Your holiness is a statement of fact.
    Your holiness is a statement of truth.

    3. What is your one True Function in the world?

    To sanctify everything.
    Bless everyone you meet.
    Bless everything.  Both animate and inanimate objects.
    Smile, laugh, and offer compliments.
    Live as the sanctified being that you already are.

    4. When you see the world through the ego's eyes you will eventually demand some form of payment.

    You can't stop the attack until you see all the world as holy.
    When you see the world through the ego's eyes you create division. "This is right and that is wrong."
    When you see the world as holy you stop the attack on yourself and everyone else.
    Imagine the feeling of letting go of all grievances.

    5. The world doesn't need another long lecture on how to save the world.

    Bless the world.
    The only way that everybody wins and nobody loses is to see the world as holy.
    This is the only way that true healing occurs.
    Don't you want everybody to win?
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