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Tools Everyone Should Buy For Home Maintenance

When I bought a home a while back, I did not know what I did not know. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Tools Everyone Should Buy For Home Maintenance

    1. Screwdrivers (A Flat Head and a Phillips)

    While there are 6 types of screwdriver heads, a Flat Head and a Phillips are what has helped me in multiple situations. Your drill should have the other types: I’ll get to that later

    2. A Plunger

    Whether you use an old-style plunger with a rubber head or a plastic version that looks like an accordion, this is a must-have to fix toilet, bath or sink backups without calling a plumber (And that can be expensive).

    3. Hammer

    This is self-explanatory. If you want to hang pictures or put together IKEA furniture, you need this tool..

    4. A Drill

    I did not think I needed this until I found myself in need of more power to assemble some furniture. Go online and search for the Best X in 2022 and look for what you can afford. I prefer a cordless drill because I would hate to be dragging a cord from an outlet to work on something.

    5. A good measuring tape

    No one is running around measuring rooms with a ruler. I’ve heard that there are Google apps that can do this using your camera, but I use a low tech version. I use this for everything: from measuring appliances for fit to measuring the length of my pant legs.

    6. A tool to reach high windows and walls

    I have an Everspout pole to reach windows and walls. It has a squeegee and several types of dusters. Every house near me has high windows and walls. You have to be able to reach them to clean them. I try to avoid ladders. This is the best solution I’ve found.

    7. A good vacuum cleaner

    I have had 2 cats for my of my life. Without a good vacuum cleaner, I would have long since lost sight of my floor with the cat hair and dust that is produced weekly. I have a Dyson. They are expense, but worth it. I used to buy a vacuum cleaner a year before I bought my Dyson.

    8. An Adjustable Wrench

    You may not think you’ll need this now, but at some point you will need to be able to unscrew something and you may not have the hand strength to get it undone. Get a good adjustable wrench. This is a not a pliers wrench. I prefer the adjustable wrench.

    9. A hand vacuum

    This is a nice to have. If your vacuum has multiple attachments, you may not need it. I find it easier than tracking down my attachments and attaching them.

    10. A Fire Extinguisher

    A mentor told me about this and so I bought one. I didn’t realize how right he was until I was staring down a fire that wasn’t going out in my stove. Super helpful.

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