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Top 10 Baseball Prospects

I love crunching baseball stats and doing some armchair scouting. The reason I do this is because I collect baseball player autographs, and the autographs are much cheaper and easier to get when a player is still relatively unknown. Every year, I crunch the numbers, looking at recent draft information and the latest statistics from the minor leagues to find the top prospects. Then I'll try to acquire autographs for each of the players I find.

I went through my recent prospect lists and here are the top ten rookies and prospects I think will become successful Major League baseball players. I give each of these players about a 50% chance of someday playing in an MLB All-Star game.

    1. Alek Thomas (age 22)

    Currently on the Arizona Diamondbacks batting .243 with 8 home runs.

    2. Henry Davis (age 22)

    Hitting .177 with 2 home runs in AA minor leagues.

    3. Spencer Torkelson (age 22)

    Playing for the Detroit Tigers and hitting .197 with 5 home runs.

    4. Adley Rutschman (age 24)

    Batting .254 with 8 home runs for the Baltimore Orioles.

    5. Royce Lewis (age 23)

    Was hitting .300 with 2 home runs for the Minnesota Twins before getting injured.

    6. Mickey Moniak (age 24)

    In 14 at-bats for the Los Angeles Angels, he hit .286 with 2 home runs before injuring his finger.

    7. Brendan McKay (age 26)

    He just returned from surgery and is looking good so far pitching in AAA (2.25 ERA and 5 SO after 4 innings pitched).

    8. Seth Beer (age 25)

    Batting .189 with 1 home run for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

    9. Heston Kjerstad (age 23)

    Hitting .207 with 2 home runs in A+ minor league ball.

    10. Bobby Witt Jr. (age 22)

    Batting .254 with 18 home runs with the Kansas City Royals.

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